I’m almost done talking about Loulouthi Tiles, I promise. I was dreading quilting this quilt, and for good reason. I finished quilting it a week ago Sunday, it’s now the following Monday, and I’m only now able to fully bend the fingers on my right hand. That bizarre cut I have across the bed of

Pressing Matters

I went to another quilt show on Saturday. I spent money. A lot of money. Money I don’t so much have right now because I’ve just quit my job (I QUIT MY JOB! THE ANGELS REJOICED!). Let’s not talk about that right now, mmmkay? On Sunday I spent the entire day quilting the Loulouthi Tiles

City Sampler Sew-Along

I’ve never been good at long-term projects. I am easily bored and even more easily distracted, which is why I’ve resisted joining any sew-alongs making the rounds in the quilting community. Until, that is, Tula Pink published her City Sampler book. I should probably mention I don’t especially care for sampler quilts, but I was