I went to another quilt show on Saturday. I spent money. A lot of money. Money I don’t so much have right now because I’ve just quit my job (I QUIT MY JOB! THE ANGELS REJOICED!). Let’s not talk about that right now, mmmkay?

On Sunday I spent the entire day quilting the Loulouthi Tiles quilt. I have a bruised finger and an oddly cracked nail to prove it. The quilting is done, and I’m mostly quite pleased with how it’s turned out, but the whole process has reaffirmed that my least favourite part of quilting is the quilting. I still have to bind it but I was too drained to do it on Sunday night and didn’t really feel like taking out my ironing board to get the binding fabric ready, so it’ll wait for some time this week and I’ll probably finish it off next weekend.

Hey, speaking of ironing boards, this is mine:



I know, right? Can you blame me for not wanting to take it out to get the binding fabric ready? I bought it (along with my not-so-fantastic iron) when I first started sewing, at some discount store that has since gone out of business. Probably because it sold crap.

While I was at the show on Saturday, I found this fabric (I know I said I wouldn’t talk about it just now, but this is my blog, mmmkay?) and immediately knew what I would make with it.

So stinkin' cute!

So stinkin’ cute!

It’s from the Wash Day line for Makower and hi! It’s flippin’ adorable!

I didn’t follow a specific pattern to make this, but loosely followed a few of the tutorials online. I had three quarter-yards; two with the polka dot irons and one of the washing line. The iron fabric pieces were just a smidge narrow to do the job, so I pieced those together, and then added the washing line fabric to the bottom.


I then sewed a casing along the edges and pulled sewing elastic through it using a safety pin. I placed the whole thing right over the existing cover, which was a single piece with elasticated edges, rather than making a new lining as well. I stretched it out until it was smooth and then knotted the elastic.

This almost makes me want to iron my clothes! (But not really.)

This almost makes me want to iron my clothes! (But not really.)

I absolutely love it. The whole thing took less than an hour and it upgraded my sewing corner by about a squillion percent.

I also worked on another fun little something last night, but I’ll write a separate post about it when I get a bit more of it done.

Sneak peak

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    Hello! And nice to meet you on the LDSI on twitter and to discover your blog Lovely make over job on the ironing board!

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