The war on scraps: Missing U

I wrote about the Missing U quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts about a thousand years ago and in a pretty prescient comment I said I might finish it sometime this century. I finished it four years later, with a lot of help from bee mates. This particular block really lends itself to a


Longarm Quilting Ulla’s Quilt

At some point in August I was cruising Instagram and a German quilter I’d recently followed posted a gorgeous quilt top she’d just completed. In terms of design, the quilt was really simple – six solid horizontal stripes stretching across the left third of the quilt, in purple, blue, green, red, orange, and yellow, and


The Spiderweb Quilt

I ended my last post with a bit of a cliff hanger. You won’t believe what happened next (ok, you probably will believe what happened next). “Every quilt top deserves to grow up into a finished quilt!”  Before I begin, I encourage you to join my mailing list (just wait for that Hello Bar to