It’s been a bit quiet here because I’m mostly fiddling with things these days so don’t have a proper finish to share. I have a WIP update post in the works but need to take a few photos for it, so hang tight.

Here’s the eye candy keeping me happy these days. Mostly a variation on a theme, you’ll find.mosaic6bcaf1a6b1a632fc1d31354a7a0cc7dbea3a395d
1. quilt as you go vortex!, 2. DSC_0363s, 3. Supernova Quilt, 4. {Big City Girl} Qal Tokyo, 5. First block, 6. Sneak Peek! Working on sashing now:) #tulatroops #tula100 @tulapink, 7. Egg in the Cake Mix quilt Front, 8. pillows, 9. ‘Happy Days’, 10. Stand Out Table Runner, 11. Amazing Technicolor Dream Scrap Quilt, 12. comma quilt in the park, 13. Batik Shadow Quilt
Have a great weekend!

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