The Spiderweb Quilt

I ended my last post with a bit of a cliff hanger. You won’t believe what happened next (ok, you probably will believe what happened next). “Every quilt top deserves to grow up into a finished quilt!”  Before I begin, I encourage you to join my mailing list (just wait for that Hello Bar to

Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt – FIN.

Reading through my previous posts about the Tula Pink City Sampler I can see that I was just brimming with optimism about the whole process. It’s like I knew right from the start that I would absolutely hate making this quilt. But the thing is, even though I often wanted to stab myself in the eye with

We’re back, baby!

It’s just about time to clear up the cobwebs around here. I’ve not had much–or anything– stitchy to say since November, the last time my sewing machine(s) and I lived in the same country. Here’s a bit of an update of what I’ve been up to. I moved back to Munich in mid-November and started