10 Quilty Little Secrets

What a great idea – why not air out my dirty quilting laundry? Visit 13 Spools to see where this all began. I laughed out loud at number 2. I hate solids. I’ll understand if you stop reading now. Not a fan of liberty, either. Cotton + Steel? Whatever. I don’t love my LQS. It’s way

New Blogger Blog hop

Welcome to my stop on the New Blogger Blog Hop, organized by Beth and Plum and June. A massive thanks to Beth for organizing the hop–it’s a pretty crazy undertaking and she’s doing a fab job, as are my fellow bloggers. At the end of this post is a list of links to other bloggers on

How I came to sew

I spend a fair bit of my time wishing ill on the UK Border Agency, but I suppose it deserves some credit, because I never would have learned to sew if not for its maddeningly obtuse and discriminatory policies. I  moved to England in 2010 for my partner’s work secondment and because of a tedious