I know there hasn’t been an awful lot happening here on the blog in terms of quilting. This is not to say there isn’t much quilting going on – au contraire, my friends – just that there hasn’t been much photographing going on, which I intend to address in short order.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of a rehash from earlier in the year for my submission to Blogger’s Quilt Festival, under the large quilt category.

I’m still madly in love with this quilt that I made for my brother earlier in the year, in homage to a baby quilt I made a few years ago.

Totem's gradient quilt

Totem’s gradient quilt

Totem 2

Totem’s gradient quilt

I’m also in love with the oversized grid I made for the back and am doing something similar (though slightly more logically sized) with a rainbow quilt I’m working on right now. More on that soon.

Giant squares for the quilt back

Giant squares for the quilt back

Things I am not in love with are my camera and my photography skills. Things I am bored with: talking about it.

I don’t recall the exact measurements of this quilt, but it was somewhere between huge and massive.

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    Wow – the back is fabulous too. I’ve got a soft spot for illusion and subtle gradient color. Lovely entry in the festival.

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