In February of this year, this turned up on my twitter feed (not following me on twitter? There’s a handy button to do just that right over there, to the right)(Follow me on Feedly, too, while you’re at it, and whatever else you’d like).

Dear English quilters...

Dear English quilters…

Although I had already moved to Munich, the Germ was still in England and the movers weren’t coming for another month. Thomas was offering about a yard of each of his fabrics for Andover (that’s nearly 120 yards!) for about £2.80 a yard, including shipping, which is about half of what I was paying for fabric in England, and about a tenth of what I’d pay in Germany. WELL. How could I refuse?! (Hint: I didn’t!) The Germ called to report that a very heavy box had come from Amazon, which surprised him, since he knows I don’t shop at Amazon, so I had to break the news to him gently.

Box o'fabric.

Box o’fabric.

You guys, this is so much fabric I had to keep it in its own cabinet because it wouldn’t fit in my sewing cabinet! Here are some of my favourites, but don’t be fooled—I love all of it.





A bit of pear tree. The eagle eyed amongst you might recognise the pink version in my startled chicken quilt.

A bit of pear tree. The eagle eyed amongst you might recognise the pink version in my startled chicken quilt.

I haven’t done any quilting with it, but had to dig in, so I made myself this bag from Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders.

One yard wonder.

Like how I used exposed electrical wires as hangers? I’m klassy like that.

Thanks, Thomas! I can’t wait to play with the rest of it!

ps. If you’re not following Thomas on Twitter, well, you might want to. He’s @waycoolkid.

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    • Carmit


      I know! And did you know Thomas lives in (or near) Cambridge? I know he does occasional workshops, so worth checking out his site.

  1. Reply

    That is WAY Cool! love the electrical wire hanger, I have a few spots in my house I could use, thanks for the inspiration. Sadly enough I don’t have a phone, so no twitter or Instagram for me, you should get to know Alex of Aurifil on Instagram, he sends out random packs of Aurifil to Instagram people, I have heard of 2 instances.

    • Carmit


      Not sure “love” is the best way to define my feelings for the wire hanger, so much as “indecision” and “lack of unembarrassing resources.”

      I do follow Alex Veronelli and one of the podcasts I listen to (Very Lazy Daisy) talked about the massive stash of thread she’s gotten. Sadly, he’s ignored all of my aurifil tweets, but I’m not giving up! Plus, I live so close, he could even drive up and deliver it himself! Call me, Alex!

  2. Reply

    O. M. G. That would be so much fun to receive and to play with!!! I’m completely jealous!! 🙂

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