I had to wear a tag that said that in my first corporate job. There was a little picture of a bear on it. Twenty years on, I am still mortified about it. Speaking of corporate jobs, don’t they just blow? Mine does, which is why I spend every free minute (and some not-so-free minutes) at my corporate job dreaming about and planning my sewing projects.

There are hundreds of quilting blogs around. How will mine be different? I don’t know–I’ll know once I’ve managed to make it a little different. While I’m trying to figure it out, I’ll be using this space to keep track of what I’m working on, to record the new things I’m learning or hope to be learning, to find and share inspiration, and to hopefully join a lively and welcoming community.

In the meantime, I’m new, so please bear with me!

DreamweaverTula Pink Dreamweaver quilt, completed in early 2013

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    • Carmit


      Thanks! Me too! It’s been on our bed since February and I still get excited every time I look at it :).

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