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Loulouthi Tiles quilt

Checking in with my first Work-In-Progress Wednesday post.

When my friend asked me to make a quilt for her daughter’s 18th birthday I got really excited. I’ve been wanting to make a version of Tula Pink’s Fade to Pink quilt for a while and having seen this version of it, I figured I could do it almost completely from my stash. So one morning before I went to work I pulled together some fabric and sent her this photo:

Fade to pink 1

The response I got was: “Am thinking vivid, but restricting colours to blue, purple, red? Any views?”

I could get excited about red, but purple and blue? And red, purple, and blue together? I countered with this suggestion of light blues and greens:

Fade to pink 2

The response was: “Just make it purple and blue with a black background.”

Hmm. I was starting to have some doubts at this point. I went to the Abakhan sale hoping to find something because I don’t have much in the stash in those shades, and was looking for some sort of patterned black for the sashing and back (I really don’t like solids), which I couldn’t really find much of. I texted to tell her I was struggling with it and she said: “Oh, no. Just plain black. That way if she hates it she can just turn it over and will have a black blanket.”

I nearly cried. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less than make this quilt.

I had a think about it and decided to abandon Fade to Pink. If I was going to make a Tula quilt, I wanted to at least enjoy it! I looked around and found the Loulouthi Tiles quilt at Stitched in Color, which could work with a limited palette and wouldn’t be difficult to put together (ha!). When I went to Toronto I managed to get loads of plain black cotton at Fabricland for $4 a meter (FOUR DOLLARS A METER! I’d be lucky to pay that for a fat quarter in the UK). Then I went to Sew Sisters and started taking apart their batik wall until I could come up with the right combination of blues and purples. I confess, there was some green in there, too. I was pushing the envelope on this a bit and was afraid that after all that, my friend wouldn’t like it anyway, at which point I’d be stuck with a quilt that the Germ wouldn’t even let me have in the house because its colours would be so. sad.

I managed to get the fabric cut and the top pieced in one day, and well, don’t I just LOVE IT!

Loulouthi assembly

All laid out. Don’t worry, the cats got to it every time I had my back turned and I had to completely reorganize it about three times.

Loulouthi main panels

Main panels detail. I am in flove with that purple.

The outcome certainly turned my frown upside down. These still aren’t the colours I’d naturally gravitate towards, but they work so well together and I hope the birthday girl loves it, too (her mom did–yay!).

Loulouthi top

Finished quilt top.

Since my deadline for this is early September, I’m hoping to finish this off this weekend. I had a possible epiphany about machine quilting the binding and I’m eager to try it and to report back.

Friday Favourites

I spend far too much time on Flickr looking at quilts (let’s not talk of what I think of the Flickr redesign, because my mother always said that if I don’t have something nice to say, not to say anything at all) and scooping up ideas. I have dozens of quilts in my favourites, so why not share a few?!

These are a few of my favourite things at the moment, and you might spot a trend or two. The ever-present rainbow, of course; half-square triangles; and chevrons. There’ll be a post in the next two weeks with a chevron project I recently completed, but I’m keeping it seekrit for now, until the recipient receives it.

I bought a bunch of Tula Pink Saltwater fabric at the Festival of Quilts, which I hope to use for a diamond half-square triangle quilt. Will be sketching it out this weekend to see how it works out with the three colour ways before I start cutting into it. This, incidentally, is the only designer collection I have ever bought–I’m not generally a fan of collections, but Saltwater is just. perfect.

Is that Lava Meets Sea quilt not the most beautiful thing you’ve seen?! There’s a detailed post by Sarah to tell you how she did it and to share tips on colour and value. There are sketches and stuff! And there are so many other treats on her site–go give her a visit! I’ll stop with the exclamations now!

Friday Favourites 15.08.2013

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