I love fabric. Love looking at it, love fondling it, and love hoarding it. I equally love cutting it up to make it whole again.

My name is Carmit and I’m a quilter. Not an especially skilled or experienced one, but definitely an obsessive one. I started sewing in early 2011 and made my first baby quilt in May of that year. My first large quilt soon followed, a nine square-meter beast that I named The Quilt that Ate Berlin (where it now lives). I’ve stopped counting how many quilts I’ve made since.

I am Israeli-born, Canadian-raised, and am currently kicking around Europe (with stops in the UK and in Germany, where I now live). By day I am an administrative drone, by night I am a translator and editor, and inbetween I can usually be found either staring at the airplanes landing over my house or at my sewing machine.

I bought my first machine at a German flea market before I properly learned to sew. It was an Anker Gloria made sometimes in the 60s, is all metal, and has a beautiful design (and a really wicked carrying case). I tried to use it when I first learned to sew but just then it went BOOM and started smoking. I’m not sure if the engine blew or just the bulb, but haven’t investigated. My next machine was given to me by an acquaintance after I put the word out that I was looking, not having quite made the commitment to actually spend money on a new machine. It was a Singer 514, about as old as I am, and came in its own built-in table. I managed to break it, too, though I’m sure it’s easily fixable. When I finally got a job in England, I used my first paycheque to buy the JL250 machine (made by Janome) from John Lewis. I’m not even joking when I say the only feature I was looking for was speed control. It didn’t take long for me to realize how utterly unsuitable it is for quilting. After quilting one more massive quilt on it to bruising and pain, and having realized that maybe this sewing palaver wasn’t going away, I bought a Janome Horizon 8200. It’s a dream. I’m currently saving my pennies to buy a longarm machine.

I love modern quilt design and am drawn to bright, vibrant colours. I am, as you may have pieced together (har, har! I’m punny!), obsessed with rainbows. (And parentheses.)

Do you know what I’m not obsessed with? The quilt police. Go away, quilt police.

Oh, and I have cats, because you can’t be a quilter unless you have a cat or three. Meet Sheleg, Schnitzel, and Kiwi. Two of them are sisters and one of them is Cinderella.

Schnitzel and Kiwi

Schnitzel and Kiwi (that’s Kiwi with the white chest).


Sheleg (Yes, she does have different eye colours and her left ear isn’t cut off by the photo, it’s just cut off).

They live quite separately in two parts of the house and rarely cross paths. It’s never pretty when they do.

There’s also a boy around, whom I’ll refer to as “the boy” or “the Germ(an).” He usually nods with eyes glazed when I talk about quilts, but makes all the right supportive grunts and noises and doesn’t roll his eyes at me too much.

I take horrible pictures. I know it’s not on; I’m working on it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarah

    Lol!! I had to come see after your comment on my blog about moving, because I was pretty sure you were in England but wasn’t sure where you were going … and I recognize myself in the “a cat or three” and my husband in “the boy’s” supportive grunts and noises. Perfect!

    1. Carmit Post author

      I’m especially impressed when he actually offers an opinion about my quilts. He’s kind of getting into it! I really should upload pictures of the cats (DONE!). I’m in the north of (detestable) England right now, but moving to Munich next Wednesday.


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