What a great idea – why not air out my dirty quilting laundry? Visit 13 Spools to see where this all began. I laughed out loud at number 2.

10 Quilty Little Secrets

  1. I hate solids. I’ll understand if you stop reading now.
  2. Not a fan of liberty, either. Cotton + Steel? Whatever.
  3. I don’t love my LQS. It’s way too expensive and they aren’t nice enough for me to be able to overlook this. Didn’t really care for the LQS in the last place I lived either, never bought a thing from them (though they did longarm a quilt for me). Maybe I just don’t like local quilt shops?
  4. I will be 40 in six months, but only learned how to properly knot thread for hand binding this weekend. Thank you, Youtube.
  5. Hexagons? Not bloody likely, my friends.
  6. People who replicate quilt patterns using the exact. same. fabrics. I’m judging you, and not all that silently.
  7. It’s not a quilt if my cat hasn’t been on it. Or under it.
  8. I keep my rotary cutter blade on for months.
  9. Tula Pink tried to convince me when I met her at the Festival of Quilts in 2012 to use Prince Charming to make my Dreamweaver quilt. I may be Tula’s bitch, but I politely blew her off.
  10. I prewash fabric when I remember. See point 3 for factors that frequently affect my memory.

What are your quilty little secrets?

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    #6!!!! I was doing the Tula Pink City Sampler last year, and SO MANY people were making their blocks EXACTLY THE SAME as Tula had them in the book. Exact same fabric/exact same fussy cut exact same EVERYTHING. And I don’t know but it just bugged me! Where’s the originality?! Tula didn’t even name the blocks and left spaces for people to name the blocks themselves to make the quilt your own. The end quilt along was judged by Tula herself and the people replicating her blocks/pattern I figured had no chance because that would be like Tula just choosing her own quilt to win?! I have nothing against the quilt because the rainbow one that’s featured is pretty but I want quilts with my own spin/vision into them.

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