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Way Cool Kid

In February of this year, this turned up on my twitter feed (not following me on twitter? There’s a handy button to do just that right over there, to the right)(Follow me on Feedly, too, while you’re at it, and whatever else you’d like).

Dear English quilters...

Dear English quilters…

Although I had already moved to Munich, the Germ was still in England and the movers weren’t coming for another month. Thomas was offering about a yard of each of his fabrics for Andover (that’s nearly 120 yards!) for about £2.80 a yard, including shipping, which is about half of what I was paying for fabric in England, and about a tenth of what I’d pay in Germany. WELL. How could I refuse?! (Hint: I didn’t!) The Germ called to report that a very heavy box had come from Amazon, which surprised him, since he knows I don’t shop at Amazon, so I had to break the news to him gently.

Box o'fabric.

Box o’fabric.

You guys, this is so much fabric I had to keep it in its own cabinet because it wouldn’t fit in my sewing cabinet! Here are some of my favourites, but don’t be fooled—I love all of it.





A bit of pear tree. The eagle eyed amongst you might recognise the pink version in my startled chicken quilt.

A bit of pear tree. The eagle eyed amongst you might recognise the pink version in my startled chicken quilt.

I haven’t done any quilting with it, but had to dig in, so I made myself this bag from Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders.

One yard wonder.

Like how I used exposed electrical wires as hangers? I’m klassy like that.

Thanks, Thomas! I can’t wait to play with the rest of it!

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Work in Progress Wednesday, the City Sampler Edition

Remember when I was working on the Tula Pink City Sampler sew-along? Me neither. I started 2013 with about twenty blocks done and finished it with about twenty. In my defense, there were six months there where I wasn’t sewing anything at all, but that’s just an excuse.The truth is that I’m not so much digging the whole thing. For starters, it’s fiddly. I cannot be doing with blocks made of three thousand 1.5” squares. They’re irritating to cut and irritating to sew. I don’t mind the simpler blocks, but the scale is just annoying. Practically none of my blocks are finishing at 6.5”, and the ones with lots of tiny pieces are lucky to scrape 6”. At first I kept unpicking and redoing, but then I decided I just don’t care if my blocks are 6”, as long as they’re finished already.

All the same, I’ve decided to push through, if only because the blocks are taking up a huge chunk of my design wall, which could be dedicated to something I’m actually enjoying.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve sewn about twenty more blocks, so I’m getting close to the midpoint. Here are a few recent blocks, and how it’s looking so far. For the time being I’m just separating the blocks by colour. I’ll arrange them properly when (if) they’re done.

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